Monday, 20 October 2014

4 Cups

From the celebratory tone of the 3 of Cups, the Druidcraft Tarot's 4 of Cups becomes reflective.  This could almost be one of the men from the 3 of Cups, the morning after......

Lordy, but life now seems dull, dull, dull.....

The young man is depicted lying along the branch of a tree, fingers to his temple - he's bored and day-dreaming.

Before him lie three empty cups - the celebrations are now over and he has simply ground to a standstill.  

But look, just round the corner, out of sight, lies the fourth cup - the prize!  

When this card arises, it warns us against becoming overly introspective - navel-gazing, brooding, mithering.  Something wonderful has been offered to you, but you just don't see it, do you?!

Which relationships are stuck in a rut?
Emotionally, are you simply treading water?
Where can you dive down and find that prize?

#druidcraft #tarot  (ali)